Alofoke and the wholte team of presents AlofokePlay. Hit Play and enjoy the best of urban music of the Dominican Republic.

  • Search your favorite songs and artists.
  • Download the music you like to listen without internet.
  • Create custom playlists.
  • Follow your favorite artists and receive notifications of their premieres.
  • Plays a genre or any of our playlists.
  • Receive notifications and learn from successes.
  • Discover new music every day.
  • Exclusive premieres from Alofoke and AlofokeMusic.Net.


AlofokeRadio is the first urban radio online from Dominican Republic.

  • Listen to the best of urban music in general.
  • Learn all the talk about #AlofokeRadio.
  • Get into the world of and follow the projects in the AlofokeWorks section.


MallMaps is a app of the Dominican Republic that offers all the shopping centers, establishments and their promotions within reach of a simple touch screen.

  • All malls in one place.
  • Know the schedule, general information, social networking and events of the malls.
  • Locate nearby malls of your location.
  • Access to internal map of the mall.
  • Quick access to promotion updates of your favorite stores.
  • Customize your app marking as favorite your favorite malls and establishments.
  • Receive notifications of special offers and establishments.
  • Filter offers by category and sort them by popularity or date of publication.

Premios Soberano (Unofficial)

Through this app users can find out about all the events related to the awards.

  • Upgrade to the latest news.
  • See the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining for the award.
  • Browse all categories and nominations.
  • Vote on each nomination in the survey (unofficial) for your favorite nominee.
  • Read about the life of artistic figures nominees.
  • Find out about all the figures that have been honored with the award: “El Gran Soberano”.


PhotoNews is a digital source of content generated from Dominican Republic’s news, covering different topics. The site began as a photo agency to provide graphic solutions to any digital media, newspapers, magazines and television.

  • In the application you can find out the most relevant news in Dominican Republic.
  • The news is divided into multiple sections for better organization.
  • You have the ability to save the news in Favorites, Share on social networks and / or send a notice by mail.

Alofoke Music

AlofokeMusic.Net is the number 1 urban music webpage in Dominican Republic. Its mission is to provide national and international urban music news made in Dominican Republic.

  • With the application of AlofokeMusic.Net can monitor all news related mainly to the urban music genre.
  • Find out the shocking videos of the street!
  • From the application you will be connected directly to AlofokeMusic.Net youtube channel and at the same time, you can see the performance of the product in social networks.
  • Play songs that AlofokeMusic.Net exposes you in the window of music and be part of the growth of urban movement.!